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2N Analog Vario 3x2 Buttons, Keypad - Doorbell 9135160KE

2N Analog Vario 3x2 Buttons, Keypad - Doorbell 9135160KE

Ref: DC9859541

2N® Helios Vario is a modern door intercom, perfectly designed and functional, to support the transmission of voice and video. Its various options allow you to build the door system to fit your needs. The intercom can be equipped with a camera, card reader or attendance system.

•Variant Solutions - Adjust the size, controls and functions of the intercom exactly to match your own ideas.
•Remote Management - Set up all the necessary functions of 2N® Helios Vario remotely from your phone by means of a well-organized voice menu.
•Easy Extension of the PBX - Thanks to ‘plug & play’ installation, the intercom system is easily connected to an analogue PBX and immediately ready for use.
•Analogue Camera Support - The analogue camera will show you who you are communicating with over the intercom.
•Expansion Modules - For housing complexes with many separate apartments you can take advantage of the intercom extension module that offers up to 54 direct selection buttons.
•Day/Night Mode - Configure the set of day and night numbers to call. Don’t rummage in your pockets for numbers, press the keypad and get help immediately.
•Integrated Switch Relay - 2N® Helios Vario has an integrated relay that allows you to control e.g. the door lock using a numerical code or remotely using DTMF.
•Power over the Phone Line - In normal operation, all you need for a connection is the phone line, which the analogue intercom gets its power from.
•Enhanced Security Features - Use e.g. an auxiliary relay serving the function of a departure button for greater entrance door security.

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