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Burnside V.03 FCT with programmable call timer

Burnside V.03 FCT with programmable call timer

Ref: 2538

The new version includes a programmable call timer which enables the user to set the maximum number of minutes for the unit to use in a month before swicthing off and either giving an engaged tone or going open loop. the unit will then automatically reset itself the following month to enable calls to be made once again using the cheaper call rates available using cross network inclusive minute mobile phone tariffs. This unique feature which is only normally found on more expensive ISDN GSM Gateways, sets the Burnside Desktop Mobile apart from other Fixed Cellular Terminals, which have no way of controlling the amount of call minutes and could allow a user to exceed his monthly allowance and eliminate any call savings he should have made using Fixed Cellular Terminal Technology. The burnside Desktop Mobile with Call Timer will even send a text to advise that the call limit has been reached - the unit will then wait to reset automatically on the set date - or can be reset manually before the automatic reset date remotely via SMS.


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