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2N BRI Enterprise requires dedicated BRI port on PBX

2N BRI Enterprise requires dedicated BRI port on PBX

Ref: 502082E

The 2N¾ BRI Lite (GSM router) connected to a PBX ISDN port (BRI, So) transmits GSM services to ISDN user terminals. In addition to cost-efficient calls, it provides the following services: calling line identification presentation (CLIP), connection status displaying, advice of charging (AOC), SMS send/receive using the ISDN telephone set, and billing data recording. DISA provides DDI from the GSM network. The ISDN BRI GSM Gateway (ISDN router) welcomes the calling party with a DISA message and receives the number in the DTMF mode. Then, it converts the number into the DDI (in the PTP configuration) or MSN (in the PTMP configuration) mode. The least-cost routing (LCR) service helps establish connection alternatively by analyzing the number (e.g. via the "netcall", etc.). The originally dialed number is completed as required by the Gateway program setup. All called numbers, including connection date and time, are recorded in the 2N¾ BRI Lite GSM Gateway buffer. Outgoing calls are checked by the call barring table, which disables expensive calls.

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